Art Pottery from the
Pacific Clay Products Company


The first three pieces of the drip glazed Pacific pottery in this collection ( see figure #13, and #14) came to me as part of a trade with my brother-in-law. He told me that his uncle had worked for The Pacific Clay Products Company on their loading dock and after his death they were given to him by his aunt, with the story that after a hard days work at the pottery they would sit around and drink, using up the rest of the extra glazes from that days work and decorate pottery. A very interesting story but I don't think it is true. They probably did sit around and drink after work, but the range of colors and the obvious intentional designs on the individual pieces show beyond a doubt that someone certainly knew what they were doing.

Very little is known about the production of art pottery at The Pacific Art Pottery Company. The intention of this exhibition and catalogue is to view for the first time several different examples of this pottery together, and to compare similar and different forms and combinations of glaze treatments. Only after examining the individual pieces within the group may the whole picture come to light.


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