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Revere Camera Co., 8mm. magazine cine' movie camera, c. 1940's, unique bakelite case.

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Note Re: Revere Camera

From: Philip Briskin

My grandfather Samuel Briskin owned revere camera in chicago, I have many of his cameras. My father was vice-president his name is Philip Briskin. Iam also Philip Briskin, had to write you when I saw my families cameras. Both my father and grandfather are deceased.

My Grandfather Mr. Samuel Briskin who started Revere Camera Co. and Wollensak Recorders and Opticals...Was a self made man..He was born in Kiev Russia...and came to the United States in the early 1900's...with my grandmother Bessie.

They settled in a small suburb of Chicago...Aurora, Joliet area and then movedto Chicago where he owned a Radiator Company by the name of Excel Radiator Co. He was a very proud and wonderful man...He was great to his family and was a giving man to anyone who was in the need...He was the leadingPhilandrolphist in Chicago until he died in 1961...Giving to all groups of people. He loved his business as well as loved all of the people who he employed in chicago.

Philip Briskin

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