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California Pottery book with Identification & Values

This is the best current book to help you with identification and values.

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A note about the collection and collecting

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Pottery Inventory Index
Bauer Fred Johnson Bauer vase, light yellow glaze B08430
Bauer Fred Johnson vase K02500 , redwood glaze
Bauer swirl vase, yellow glaze B06350
Bauer Tracy Irwin tear drop vase, B04700
Bauer two white swirl flower pots, gloss White glaze
Bauer yellow swirl flower pot K02000
Bauer Contempo Teapot dark green glaze K03000
Bauer coffee set , 6-cup coffee pot with matching creamer and sugar 012000
Bauer Pottery Co. ringware 14inch chop plate
2 Bauer Pottery garden pedestal pots, matte black glaze
Bauer Pottery garden double pedestal pot, matte white glaze

Bauer "ring" tea set
Bauer flower pot

Bauer "GPK" (gloss pastel kitchenware) LA LINDA ice lip 2-quart pitcher
Bauer "Aladdin" teapot 6 cup (orange brown)
Bauer 6-cup "Aladdin" teapot, B10650, yellow glaze
Bauer "Aladdin" teapot 6 cup (pink) B06779
Bauer "GPK" yellow LA LINDA cookie jar
Bauer "GPK" LA LINDA cookie jar yellow B011000
Bauer "GPK" brown LA LINDA cookie jar
Bauer "GPK" LA LINDA cookie jar, ivory glaze

Bauer "Brusche Al Fresco" divided bowl
Bauer "Brusche Al Fresco" 5" fruit / dessert bowl
Bauer "Brusche Al Fresco" bowl
J.A. Bauer Pottery Co. (5 gallon) whiskey jug
Bauer "ring"midget sugar and creamer
Bauer deep flower bowl

Bauer Pottery "pinnacle" vase
Bauer Atlanta leaf formed ball vase B08150
Tracy Irwin for the Bauer Pottery Co. 50s vase#1
Tracy Irwin for the Bauer Pottery Co. 50s vase #2

Bauer Pottery Co. flower pot, matte light blue glaze
Bauer Pottery Co. flower pot, matte olive green glaze

Russel Wright for the Bauer Pottery Co. pinch bowl SOLD

Barbara Willis, early bowl, chartreuse crackle glaze
Barbara Willis tall vase and ashtray
Barbara Willis covered bowl
Barbara Willis vase, matte brown and drip white glaze

Calmer garden flower jar
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Catalina Island saracen tile, handmade in the "cuerda seca" techniqueSOLD
Catalina Island Pottery vase, toyon red

Gladding McBean Catalina flower bowl
Gladding McBean over door mantle

Two Gladding McBean green JardinieresSOLD
Two Gladding McBean pink JardinieresSOLD

California Faience vase
California Faience bowl with (cuenca technique)on rim
two California Faience tiles (cuenca technique)
California Faience tile
Malibu Potteries tile #E97 (saracen technique)
Malibu Potteries tile #E66 (saracen technique)

4 Redondo Tile advertising ashtrays

Sascha Brastoff vase B011250
Sascha Brastoff vase B04565
Sascha Brastoff vase#3
Sascha Brastoff vase#4
Sascha Brastoff vase#5

Sascha Brastoff vase #1
Sascha Brastoff vase #2
Sascha Brastoff pitcher vase H05600

Pacific Clay Products Art Deco vase B6084
Pacific Art Deco flower pot B02110 , matte white glaze
Pacific Pottery deer vase
Pacific Pottery vase, pink glaze,
Pacific Pottery Coffee server and four cups
Pacific Clay Products Co. fan vase
Pacific Clay Products Co. swan vase
Pacific Clay Products Co. plate

Pacific Clay Products Co. coffee holder yellow
Pacific Clay Products Co. vase, light pink glaze
Pacific Clay Products Co. coffee server w/lid, Apache Red glaze

Harold Johnson large flower bowl
Harold Johnson large flower bowl, light and dark brown glaze

Howard Pierce bowl, J0500 SOLD

Four Batchelder Tiles, matte glaze L00100

William Manker bowl#1

Weil Of California pitcher and 9 cup set ( Malay Bambu) B013500
Weil Ware tea pot (Maylay Blossom) J01200

Tepco coffee shop dishes

Madeline Originals of Pasadena vase
Madeline Originals tall 50's vase, polychrome glaze

50's pink and gold birds

U.S. Pottery Co. flower pots
U.S. Pottery Co. flower pot#1
U.S. Pottery Co. flower pot#2

Hedi Schoop girl with bowl
Hedi Schoop girl vase
Hedi Schoop candle holder
Hedi Schoop two shell bowls Y01000

Kim Ward girl with basket

Desert Sands ashtray G03000

Twin Winton mug

Sombrero Hat Bowl

Ferdinand Horvath for Brayton Laguna Pottery Co. pitcher and mug set

Roselane cockatoo

Cleminsons razor blade bank J00500

California tile top and wrought-iron table

California sombrero hat ash tray

Two small California sombrero hat ash trays

La Canada pitcher, handmade G04500

Metlox Poppytrail California Aztec platter B01548

Metlox California Aztec Jaw bone tray

Matthew Adams vase
2 Chinese Spoons
4 Chinese Spoons
2 Chinese Spoons

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Inventory is added weekly BookMark this page!

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