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The best in collectible California Pottery-Bauer, Pacific, Catalina ,Gladding McBean, Sascha Brastoff, California Rainbow, Hedi Schoop, Roselane, Brayton Laguna, Barbara Willis, California Faience, Harold Johnson, Madeline Originals, Desert Sands, Twin Winton, Cleminsons, La Canada, Metlox Poppytrail, Matthew Adams, Batchelder, Vernon Kilns and more!

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We are actively buying and selling pottery by:
Russel Wright, Barbara Willis, Bauer Pottery, Sascha Brastoff, Pacific Clay Products Co., Harold Johnson, William Manker, Madeline Originals of Pasadena, West Coast Pottery Co., Hollywood Cerimacs Co., U.S. Pottery Co., Hedi Schoop, Kim Ward, Twin Winton, Gladding McBean, GMB, Franciscan, McCoy, Brayton Laguna, Roselane, Metlox, Metlox California Aztec, Metlox Tropicana, Matthew Adams, Howard Pierce, Catalina Island Pottery, California Faience, and more!


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